We offer three types of raids and prices so you can enjoy your stay with us.

Beavers course:

It is a descent that will last 1:30, a strong feeling on the way down, where you gradually discover the most famous Rapids of the Verdon Gorge, one of the most beautiful golf raft with a breathtaking landscape … A sport for friends: sea spray, laughter and thrills especially change of scenery guaranteed.

total activity time: 2:30 (equipment and shuttle)

Reservations required

Price: 35 euros / pers.

alligators course:

A descent for 2H30,

Taste the thrill of white water for a 2H30 descent on the Verdon. A full descent of surprise, a moment of pure sensation, exciting passages, and always on good mood given by your state qualified guide.

Total time for the activity: 3h30 (equipment and transportation)

Reservations required.

Price: 55 euros / pers.

Full course (day):

For one day, go on an adventure and discover with the team Rafting Evasion rafting in the famous Gorges du Verdon,

It is the ideal river for rafting, the mixture of feelings that living water will bring you moreover; the beauty of the landscape will overwhelm you…

Embark on a descent that takes you to discover all the Verdon and its technical aspects with the most famous passages, moments of great intensity, its part based on some calm parts of the route where you can admire the landscape and enjoy a well-deserved lunch break.

This day is open to all people who can swim, you will be supervised by a qualified guide and the entire technical equipment will be available.

Indulge yourself and come live the adventure for a day … Unforgettable moments…

Reservations required.

Price: 75 euros / pers.

Note: Rafting Evasion offers a shuttle to groups wishing to raid the day (from Cannes or Nice). Take this shuttle, eight people Max. 15 euros per person.

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